KISPL specializes in Medical Screening process for expatriates from India going to Kuwait for employment, study or joining family.


The screening process includes the registration of candidates which is done in KISPL offices and medical examination which is done through medical channel partners which have the latest in diagnostics testing facilities, and reputed panel of Medical Professionals that compliment KISPL core principles of high integrity and ethics.


Khadamat provides a full package of services like, but not limited to: 


  • A secure transparent process with no other or bogus side fees.
  • Online systems to ensure a seamless and efficient process.
  • Four regional branch offices (RBOs) for ease of access across India.
  • Stringent medical screening at respected and reputable medical centres.
  • Maximize the chance of an applicant’s success even in case of gray-areas in their medical results, and using a stringent process of 2nd opinions.
  • Biometric identification to prevent identity theft of Indian applicants.
  • Maintain applicant records in case they return to Kuwait even years later.
  • In case of an applicant failing the second test in Kuwait, KISPL will provide financial cover (stay in Kuwait and transport back to India) for them.
  • Provide a secure area for convenient and organized processing of applications.
  • All medical test reports are treated as highly confidential.
  • Automatic distribution to medical centres, with no human intervention.
  • No third party involvement and payment is made directly to the company.
  • All the medical test results are treated as accurate to minimize the possibility of deportation in case of medically unfit.
  • Customer service is a priority with applicant centric processes to ensure all applicants are given fair treatment.
  • During cases of clearable issues the applicant is kept under follow up and not marked directly as unfit. He is given an opportunity to undergo medication and then a follow-up test is done free of cost to ensure that he clears the medical test.
  • For grey areas we run each medical test twice for every applicant before declaring fit or unfit.
  • Peaceful environment for the applicants during the registration process to ensure that applicants are made to feel important.
  • Services and hospitality is rendered to all applicants, and no one is distinguished from others.