• How to apply for registration?

    You can visit to our website to book an online appointment and you have to carry printout of appointment page at the time of registration.

  • Do I need to take a prior appointment before going to Khadamat?

    Yes, you have to book online appointment by clicking

  • Will my registration take place if I visit Khadamat without an appointment?

    It is always advised to take an online appointment before you visit Khadamat. If you don't have, it is completely at Khadamat's discretion to register.

  • Will Khadamat retain my original visa during registration?

    Yes, Khadamat will retain your original Visa at the time of Registration. You will get your Original Visa back with your medical certificate if your result is "FIT". In case your result is declared "UNFIT", your Original Visa would be sent to Kuwait Embassy in Delhi.

  • Do I need to come fasting for medical test?

    No, you are not required to come fasting for medical test.

  • Who is Eligible for Medical Screening?

    Any candidate holding a valid Kuwait entry visa for work/family/study and is above the age of 12 are eligible for medical screening.

  • What are the timings of Khadamat? Also, is there a lunch break?

    Our timings are from Monday-Friday (except Public Holidays) 9:00am to 5:00pm. And there is no lunch break.

  • What is the result collection time?

    Every branch has their specific result collection timing. You will be intimated at the time of registration.

  • What documents I have to carry at the time of registration?

    You have to carry your Original Visa, Original Passport & Original Aadhaar Card, Copy of cancelled Cheque and Bank Passbook with details, at the time of registration.

  • Do I need to carry my photographs while visiting the Khadamat Office?

    No, you don’t have to carry any photograph.

  • Do I need to carry original documents or will certified copies or extract be enough?

    Yes, you will have to carry all the required documents in original only.

  • Should I carry the online appointment page while visiting Khadamat at the time of appointment?

    Yes, you will be required to carry online appointment page printout along with all necessary documents.

  • What is the fee that I have to Pay to Khadamat?

    The fee is 12000 INR which can be paid by Cash or in DD (Demand Draft) drawn from a Nationalized or Private bank only, favoring “Khadamat Integrated Solutions Private Limited” payable in Mumbai.

  • What are the accepted mode of payments?

    You can pay by ways of Cash or by a DD drawn from a Nationalized or Private bank only, favoring “Khadamat Integrated Solutions Private Limited” Payable in Mumbai.

  • My son is a minor and going on Family Visa? Does he have to go through medical screening process?

    If your son is above 12 years, then he will have to go through the medical screening process. Children below the age of 12 years doesn't have to do medicals.

  • Is it necessary that parents/Guardian should accompany their child's for Medical process?

    Yes, it’s compulsory for a minor child to be accompanied by their parents or guardian.

  • Can I undergo medical screening for work visa if I am pregnant?

    No, Pregnant woman holding Work/Study visa is considered UNFIT and is advised not to do the medical test.

  • Can I undergo medical screening for family visa if I am pregnant?

    Yes, pregnant woman holding family visa are eligible to do the medical test except for X-Ray which will be done in Kuwait after the delivery.

  • Will I have an option to choose the Medical centers?

    No, medical centers are system generated. So you won't have the option to select medical center.

  • Do I need to pay any fees at medical center?

    No, you don't have to pay any fees at medical center.

  • Do I need to come fasting for medical test?

    No, fasting is not required for medical test.

  • What documents are required to collect my result?

    You will have to carry your Final Result Receipt (FRR) along with your Original passport to collect your result.

  • Can someone else collect my result on my behalf?

    No, results can be collected by the applicant only or an Agent which is authorized by Khadamat (Agent's name has to be mentioned at the time of registration).

  • How much time will it take to get my medical results?

    Usually you get the results within 2-3 working days, which may extend if you are kept on follow-up for some medical reasons. Applicant will get an SMS on his/her registered number once his/her results are ready.

  • Will I get my result from Khadamat or the Medical centre?

    You will get your result from Khadamat.

  • Will I get my detailed reports along with my result?

    No, the test result are for screening purpose in order to ascertain the medical fitness and eligibility for visa purposes (travelling/staying/working) in Kuwait and not as a substitute for evaluation, advice, treatment, or diagnosis by a physician.

  • How will I get to know whether my results are ready?

    You will get an SMS from Khadamat stating that your results are ready.

  • Will I be informed by SMS whether my result is FIT/UNFIT?

    No, you will only get an SMS stating that your results are ready. FIT/UNFIT will only be informed in Khadamat office.

  • Who can help me in solving my queries?

    You can ask your queries at the following places:

    1. By visiting our website
    2. By calling call centre at 022 666 00 666 Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. (Closed on Public Holidays)

    Can I ask the status of my application by calling the Call Centre? You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number once the result is ready. Or you can check the status of your application by calling the Call Centre at 022 666 00 666.

  • What do I need to know, before calling Khadamat Call Centre to check my application status?

    You need to keep your application number & passport number handy before calling Khadamat to check your application status.

  • Can I contact the call center to check if I am FIT or UNFIT?

    No, Call center can only inform you about the application status and not the result. Fit/Unfit will not be informed over the phone.

  • Can I enquire about my nearest Khadamat office by calling Call Centre?

    You can also visit the website to locate your nearest Khadamat office or by calling the Call Centre at 022 666 00 666.

  • What is the Validity of the medical certificate issued by Khadamat?

    The medical certificate is valid for the period of 2 months from the date of registrations.

  • Will I get any refund if my medical result is UNFIT?

    Yes, you will get full refund in case your result is UNFIT.

  • How can I apply for my refund?

    You have to fill the refund form & submit a copy of your bank passbook at the time of collecting your unfit results.

  • How much refund will I get?

    You will get full refund of 12,000 INR in case your result is UNFIT.

  • Can I submit my family member's account to get refund?

    No, only applicant's account will be accepted.